Informationsmarktverzerrung durch Fundamentalismus am Beispiel der USA

Kapitel 6: Apokalyptische Außenpolitik

5. Left behind — Romanserie über das Schicksal der Nicht-Entrückten

von Margarete Payer


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02. Einleitung

Abb.: Tim LaHaye and Jerry Jenkins are left behind!
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"Christians Are the Dominant Left Behind Readers

The Barna survey also asked respondents if they had read any of the Left Behind books. To date, 9% of all adults - nearly one out of every ten - had done so. The types of individuals most likely to have read a book in the series were born again Christians (19% said they had read at least one of the books) and adults who attended non-mainline Protestant churches (18%). The adults least likely to have read a Left Behind book included non-born again adults (only 2% said they had read one or more of the books), Catholics (3%) and adults in the Northeast (2%).

Books As Religious Outreach

George Barna, who directed the survey, pointed out that while born again adults constitute the majority of the reading audience for the Left Behind books, an estimated audience of three million non-born again adults has read one or more books in the end-times series. The researcher noted that the series represents one of the most widely experienced religious teaching or evangelistic tools among adults who are not born again Christians. He pointed out that the series has reached a larger unduplicated audience of non-believers than most religious television or radio ministries draw through their programs.

"The survey suggests that nearly one-tenth of the audience for the series are atheists and people associated with non-Christian faiths," explained Barna, "while more than two million of the readers are individuals who consider themselves to be Christian but have never accepted Jesus Christ as their savior. Although three-quarters of the Left Behind audience attends Protestant churches, these books have also piqued the interest of hundreds of thousands of people who do not normally read books with religious themes that reflect one stream of Protestant theology."

[Quelle: -- Zugriff am 2005-04-11]

"To some evangelical readers, the Left Behind books provide more than a spiritual guide: they are a political agenda. When they read in the papers about the growing threats to Israel, they are not only concerned for a fellow democratic ally in the war against terror; they are also worried about God's chosen people and the fate of the land where events must unfold in a specific way for Jesus to return. That combination helps explain why some Christian leaders have not only bonded with Jews this winter as rarely before but have also pressed their case in the Bush White House as if their salvation depended on it."

[Nancy Gibbs, 2002. -- Zitiert in: Weber, Timothy P.: On the road to Armageddon : how evangelicals became Israel's best friend. -- Grand Rapids, Mich. : Baker Academic, ©2004. -- 336 S. ; 24 cm.  -- ISBN: 080102577X. -- S. 196. -- {Wenn Sie HIER klicken, können Sie dieses Buch bei bestellen}]

1. Die biblische Grundlage


Die Apokalypse in der Lutherübersetzung 1912 mit zahlreichen Abbildungen aus der Kunstgeschichte: Johannesapokalypse in klassischen Comics / hrsg. von Alois Payer. -- URL:

"What Will It Be Like To Be Left Behind?


Dean, Institute of Biblical Studies

Liberty University

Since 1945, when the atomic bomb was dropped on Hiroshima, mankind has lived with the threat of nuclear annihilation. The “baby-boomers” -- those born in the population boom after World War II -- could just as easily be called the generation of the bomb. Many psychologists believe that people in this generation do not think like any other generation because they have to live with the reality of their own vulnerability every day.

It should not surprise us, therefore, that people today will spare almost no expense for elaborate vacations, expensive trips, and romantic cruises. They are trying to pretend everything is all right, even though they know it isn’t.

While the desire for peace clings to the deepest crevice of the human heart, the prospects for global destruction are far greater than the prospects for global peace. Undoubtedly, men will continue to strive for peaceful solutions. But beyond the attempts at peace is the final holocaust. Those who are left behind after the Rapture will face a terrible future.

The Final Blast

The Bible predicts the final devastation in “one hour” (Revelation 18:10) of the prophetic “Babylon,” the symbolic name for the kingdom of the Antichrist. The Bible says, “All your riches and splendor have vanished, never to be recovered” (Revelation 18:14). Even the merchants and sailors will not come near this land, but will “stand far off, terrified at her torment,” and crying out, “In one hour such great wealth has been brought to ruin” (Revelation 18:15, 17).

The apostle Peter provides an even more vivid description of the final blast that shall devastate this planet when he warns, “But the day of the Lord will come like a thief. The heavens will disappear with a roar; the elements will be destroyed by fire, and the earth and everything in it will be laid bare” (2 Peter 3:10).

The Seven Trumpets

John’s description of the trumpet judgments (Revelation 8:2-11:19) sounds very similar to a global holocaust. The entire planet will be affected by massive destruction, loss of life, and human suffering. The chaos that results will destabilize both the global economy and the world government predicted in chapter 13.

The seventh seal of the scroll is finally opened in Revelation 8:1. The imagery that follows, including the half hour of silence, follows the liturgy of the Jewish temple services. After the sacrificial lamb was slain, the altar of incense was prepared. Two of the priests would go into the holy place and take the burnt coals and ashes from the golden altar and relight the lamps of the golden candlestick. One priest filled the golden censer with incense, while the other placed burning coals from the altar into a golden bowl. Deep silence fell over the temple during this solemn ceremony.

The angel offers the “prayers of the saints (believers)” from the golden censer (8:3). Then he filled the censer with fire from the altar and “cast it into the earth” (8:5). This initiates the conflagration that is about to engulf the planet.

John the revelator paints a picture of global devastation. He sees the vegetation burned up, a mountain of fire falling into the sea, stars falling from heaven and the darkening of the sun by a thickened atmosphere. It is no wonder that he hears an angel flying through heaven shouting, “Woe, woe, woe, to the inhibiters of the earth” (8:13).

Trumpet 1: Hail and Fire

The results of this destruction are so vast that one-third of all the trees and all the grass on the planet burn up. John provides no explanation of how this will occur. One gets the impression that he watched this future destruction in utter amazement.

The fact that the Bible predicts a massive global conflagration at the end of human history, coupled with the fact that we live in a time when such a catastrophe is humanly possible, ought to be a wake-up call to everyone!

Trumpet 2: Ocean Fireball

Next, John describes a large fireball (“mountain burning with fire”) falling into the sea, polluting one-third of the oceans and destroying one-third of the ships. The reference to the “ships” seems to imply military targets, but no other details are given. The parallel second bowl judgment is also poured out on the sea but results in the destruction of all sea life (Revelation 16:3).

Again, a destruction of such massive proportions was unknown in the first century. The greatest devastation John could possibly have been familiar with was the eruption of Mount Vesuvius in A.D. 79. It completely destroyed and buried the city of Pompeii with molten lava and even destroyed a few ships in the Gulf of Naples. But what the revelator describes here goes far beyond that and looks forward to a time of unprecedented catastrophe.

Trumpet 3: Polluted Water

The devastation of the seawaters is followed by the pollution of the fresh waters. The “rivers” and “fountains” (springs) of water are polluted by a falling star called “Wormwood.” Leon Morris notes that “wormwood” was a bitter substance, but was not poisonous. It is most likely that John merely uses this term to describe the bitter pollution of nuclear radioactive fallout.

It is obvious in the passages that describe the trumpet and bowl judgments that John struggles, even though inspired, to find first-century words to describe these future events-the likes of which he has never seen. Terms like “mountain of fire” and “falling star” certainly come close to a description of nuclear fireballs.

Trumpet 4: Polluted Air

The fourth trumpet sounds and the air becomes polluted (perhaps with nuclear fallout). The sun, moon, and stars are “darkened” for one-third of the day. While this may refer to an eclipse, it seems more likely to refer to some cosmic destruction of the atmosphere.

In the judgment of the fourth bowl (16:8-9), the sun “scorched” people as a result of this pollution. The implication is that the ozone layer of the atmosphere has been severely damaged and people are suffering from radiation poisoning. However one interprets this event, it is obvious that it is life-threatening.

Trumpet 5: Demon Invasion

The plagues of locusts described in the Apocalypse represent a demonic invasion of earth. The creatures are depicted as having been imprisoned in the abyss. They are released by divine permission and torment unbelievers -- those who do not have the “seal of God” (9:4). Whether these demonic creatures inhabit human bodies is not fully clear. The reference to the “shapes of the locusts” (9:7) seems to indicate some kind of weaponry.

The locusts are personalized as a military-like force led by one called Abaddon (Hebrew, “destroyer”). To make sure his readers understand, John adds the Greek equivalent: Apollyon. Both names carry the same designation: “one who destroys.” He is symbolically depicted as the leader of fallen angels in the bottomless pit.

Trumpet 6: Deadly Attack

The voice instructs the angel with the sixth trumpet to release the “four angels which are bound in the great river Euphrates” (verse 14). Since they are bound, they must be fallen angels or demons. Their release is by divine permission only and is intended to allow them to function as agents of God’s wrath.

While some prefer to view this invading horde as demons, I believe they are an actual army. The battles that follow involve killing men, and the attackers are described as men (verses 16-18). The weapons with “breastplates of fire” could well be modern weapons. The “breastplates of fire” and the “fire and smoke” that shoot out of both ends of these vehicles certainly sound like tanks, airplanes or some modern weaponry.

If John really saw the future, including the great end-time wars, he would have witnessed things he could hardly understand, let alone describe. Tanks, guns, flamethrowers and laser beams all fit these possible designations. While the horde of demons is unleashed to torture and afflict men, the horde of soldiers is unleashed to attack them as well.

Trumpet 7: Final Victory

From this point on, everything follows in rapid succession. These five verses (15-19) are among the most dramatic verses in the Bible. There is no greater statement of triumph in all of Revelation, with the possible exception of 19:11-16, where Christ actually returns to earth to reign and rule.

The typical pattern of the Apocalypse is to show the big picture followed by snapshots. First the panorama, then the close-ups. I believe that is what we have in 11:15-19. We must take seriously the proclamation of final triumph in these verses. They look all the way down the canyon of eternity to the final victory at the end of the tribulation. At the same time, they give us the overview of what it will be like to be left behind."

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2. Left behind series

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Left Behind is a series of novels by Tim LaHaye and Jerry B. Jenkins, dealing with Christian dispensationalist End Times: pretribulation, premillennial, Christian eschatology.

LaHaye and Jenkins cite the influence of Russell S. Doughten, an Iowan film-maker who directed a series of four low-budget feature-length films in the 1970s and 1980s about the Rapture and Second Coming. The films' popularity among Christian fundamentalists have led to increased study and speculation as to the events described in the Book of Revelation.

  1. Left Behind: A Novel of the Earth's Last Days (ISBN 0842329129)
  2. Tribulation Force: The Continuing Drama of Those Left Behind (ISBN 0842329218)
  3. Nicolae: The Rise of Antichrist (ISBN 0842329242)
  4. Soul Harvest: The World Takes Sides (ISBN 0842329250)
  5. Apollyon: The Destroyer Is Unleashed (ISBN 0842329269)
  6. Assassins: Assignment: Jerusalem, Target: Antichrist (ISBN 0842329277)
  7. The Indwelling: The Beast Takes Possession (ISBN 0842329293)
  8. The Mark: The Beast Rules the World (ISBN 0842332286)
  9. Desecration: Antichrist Takes the Throne (ISBN 0842332294)
  10. The Remnant: On the Brink of Armageddon (ISBN 0842332308)
  11. Armageddon: The Cosmic Battle of the Ages (ISBN 0842332367)
  12. Glorious Appearing: The End of Days (ISBN 0842332375)
  13. The Rising: Before They Were Left Behind (ISBN 0842360565) (unreleased)

There are also graphic novels, CDs, and a Left Behind series for children. Audio books based on the these 12 titles have also been produced for broadcast on Christian radio.

Two spin-off series have been written; one by Neesa Hart and another by Mel Odom.


The books deal with the rise of the Antichrist: a Romanian named Nicolae Carpathia, whose political rise leads him from membership in the Romanian Parliament to the Presidency of Romania, and on to the position of Secretary-General of the United Nations. Under his rule, all the countries of the world merge into a single political entity under United Nations administration. Armies are disbanded, and an era of world peace established. All media are consolidated under the "Global Community Network" and religions are merged into one faith. Finally, Carpathia is proclaimed "Potentate of the Global Community," and becomes revered as a god.

Throughout the series, Carpathia and the world at large become increasingly antagonistic toward any group that does not follow the newly established religion of "Carpathianism". The world also experiences many cataclysmic judgements sent by God.

Carpathia's efforts are resisted by a group of people who call themselves the "Tribulation Force", centered around a church in Chicago.


The books have sold very well in the United States, many topping The New York Times list of bestsellers. In other areas, such as continental Europe—where dispensationalism is largely non-existent—the books have been far less successful.

In an article enquiring into the series' popularity, Salon magazine writer Michelle Goldberg described what she believed was one of the series' attractions [1] (

On one level, the attraction of the Left Behind books isn't that much different from that of, say, Tom Clancy or Stephen King. The plotting is brisk and the characterizations Manichean.

However, she considered the books to be an attack on Judaism and liberal secularism, and pointed out that the near-future "end times" the books are set in seem to reflect the actual worldview of millions of Americans, including many prominent conservative leaders.

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3. Die einzelnen Bände der Reihe (bis März 2005)

Abb.: Einbandtitel

[1.] Left behind : a novel of the earth's last days / Tim LaHaye, Jerry B. Jenkins. -- Wheaton, Ill. : Tyndale House Publishers, ©1995. -- 468 p. ; 24 cm. -- ISBN 0842329110. -- (Left behind series).  -- {Wenn Sie HIER klicken, können Sie dieses Buch bei bestellen}

Deutsche Übersetzung: Finale : die letzten Tage der Erde. -- {Wenn Sie HIER klicken, können Sie dieses Buch bei bestellen}

"Piloting his 747, Rayford Steele is musing about his wife Irene's irritating religiosity and contemplating the charms of his "drop-dead gorgeous" flight attendant, Hattie. First Irene was into Amway, then Tupperware, and now it's the Rapture of the Saints--the scary last story in the Bible in which Christians are swept to heaven and unbelievers are left behind to endure the Antichrist's Tribulation. Steele believes he'll put the plane on autopilot and go visit Hattie. But Hattie's in a panic: some of the passengers have disappeared! The Rapture has happened, abruptly driverless cars are crashing all over, and the slick, sinister Romanian Nicolae Carpathia plans to use the UN to establish one world government and religion. Resembling "a young Robert Redford" and silver-tongued in nine languages, Carpathia is named People's "Sexiest Man Alive." (This reviewer, a former People writer, finds this plot twist plausible.) Meanwhile, Steele teams up with Buck Williams, a buck-the-system newshound, to form the Tribulation Force, an underground of left-behind penitents battling the Antichrist. " --

Abb.: Einbandtitel

[2.] Tribulation force : the continuing drama of those left behind / Tim LaHaye, Jerry B. Jenkins. -- Wheaton, Ill. : Tyndale House Publishers, ©1996. -- x, 450 p. ; 23 cm. -- ISBN 0842329137. -- (Left behind series.). --  {Wenn Sie HIER klicken, können Sie dieses Buch bei bestellen}

Deutsche Übersetzung: Die Heimsuchung. -- {Wenn Sie HIER klicken, können Sie dieses Buch bei bestellen}

"Four Christians left behind after The Rapture join forces to create the Tribulation Force, fighting the enemies of God left on Earth after three-quarters of the world's population has perished amid disease and natural disaster." --

Abb.: Einbandtitel

[3.] Nicolae : the rise of antichrist / Tim LaHaye, Jerry B. Jenkins. -- Wheaton, Ill. : Tyndale House Publishers, ©1997. -- xiii, 415 p. ; 24 cm. -- ISBN 0842329145. -- (Left behind series.). --  {Wenn Sie HIER klicken, können Sie dieses Buch bei bestellen}

Deutsche Übersetzung: Nicolai. -- {Wenn Sie HIER klicken, können Sie dieses Buch bei bestellen}

"Antichrist. The very word send shivers through us. And Nicolae Carpathia certainly does not disappoint as Antichrist. Nicolae is the third book in Left Behind series written by Tim LaHaye and Jerry Jenkins, and is preceded by book one, Left Behind, and book two, Tribulation Force. Nicolae Carpathia becomes the focus as he continues to consolidate his power, unifying political states ("Global Community"), media ("Global Community Network," "Global Weekly"), and religions ("Enigma Babylon One World Faith") under a Nicolae-appointed supreme pontiff. Nicolae himself is grand potentate of the global community. Our heroes, pilot Rayford Steele and journalist Buck Williams, along with the rest of the Tribulation Force, continue their struggle to survive and protect their families in the midst of global war and destruction. They have come to recognize Nicolae Carpathia to be the Antichrist prophesied in the Bible, and to them it comes as no great revelation that this man, who presented himself as a charming and benevolent leader, has been unmasked as a ruthless and cruel tyrant, manipulating people and events to serve his own ends. And his ends are undoubtedly evil. It becomes apparent that the chaos and turmoil created by Nicolae are the fulfillment of John's prophesy of the seven seals as recorded in the book of Revelation. And it becomes also apparent they are now facing the sixth seal, a great earthquake which is sometimes called "the wrath of the lamb." This upheaval of the earth, with its accompanying death and destruction, is familiar apocalyptic imagery: a blood-red moon, a sun turned black, and the stars falling from the sky. And the Tribulation Force discovers that these incredible descriptions turn out to be not so very far from the truth. Who survives? How? What does Nicolae have in mind for the world? Readers of the first two books should not be disappointed with this third installment to this chilling tale." --

Abb.: Einbandtitel

[4.] Soul harvest : the world takes sides / Tim LaHaye, Jerry B. Jenkins. -- Wheaton, Ill. : Tyndale House Publishers, ©1998. -- x, 426 p. ; 24 cm. -- ISBN 0842329153. -- (Left behind series). -- {Wenn Sie HIER klicken, können Sie dieses Buch bei bestellen}

Deutsche Übersetzung: Die Ernte. -- {Wenn Sie HIER klicken, können Sie dieses Buch bei bestellen}

"Die Menschheit befindet sich in einem Strudel von Verderben, Chaos und Tod. Millionen kommen durch ein gigantisches Erdbeben ums Leben. Während die Mitglieder der 'Tribulation Force' noch auf der Suche nach Überlebenden sind, taucht der furchtbare Verdacht auf, dass einer aus ihren Reihen ein Verräter ist und heimlich für den Potentaten Nicolai Carpathia arbeitet. Die Ereignisse überstürzen sich: Es regnet Feuer und Blut..." --

"Having survived the wrath of the Lamb--a global earthquake in the 21st month of the Tribulation--pilot Rayford Steele and reporter Buck Williams now embark on a journey of absorbing adventure and Christian triumph. Soul Harvest is book four in the enormously popular Left Behind series (seven books are planned in all), based on those who are left behind in the Rapture. Written with the same gripping pace of Tom Clancy and John Grisham (film rights have already been sold for the first two books), the authors take us to Iraq, America, underground shelters, and the bottom of the Tigris river as Steele and Williams search for loved ones. Meanwhile, biblical prophecies are fulfilled at every turn, including the great soul harvest. For many Christian followers, this series has become a tangible and thrilling testament to the Book of Revelations. -- Gail Hudson" -- 

Abb.: Einbandtitel

[5.] Apollyon : the Destroyer is unleashed / Tim LaHaye, Jerry B. Jenkins. -- Wheaton, Ill. : Tyndale House Publishers, ©1999. -- ix, 403 p. ; 24 cm. -- ISBN 0842329161  
 --  (Left behind series.). -- {Wenn Sie HIER klicken, können Sie dieses Buch bei bestellen}

Deutsche Übersetzung: Appollyon. -- {Wenn Sie HIER klicken, können Sie dieses Buch bei bestellen}

"Apollyon: The Destroyer Is Unleashed, by Tim LaHaye and Jerry B. Jenkins, is another suspenseful chronicle of those left behind after the rapture of the saved. As the book opens, Hattie Durham, the former airline attendant and mistress of the antichrist, Nicolae Carpathia, is wracked with confusion about what to do with her illegitimate child, whose birth date is coming due. Rayford Steele, the airline pilot who flies Carpathia's plane, is ambivalent about the mounting evidence that his late wife, Amanda, may have been a false believer. Buck, the ace newspaper reporter, and Chloe, his wife, are debating whether to have a child when the future of the world is so uncertain. And all of the world's thousands of believers are gathering in Jerusalem for a stadium rally, which will lead to a showdown with Nicolae Carpathia. Believers are increasingly relying on the Internet for underground communication, and most of them are becoming more and more tempted by violence as a way of battling the forces of evil overtaking the world. But demon locusts are shortly dispatched as a divine plague to attack those who do not have the seal of God on their foreheads; this buys the believers a little bit of time to solve their respective personal crises, all of which end in ways that will keep you riveted until the last page." -- 

Abb.: Einbandtitel

[6.] Assassins: assignment: Jerusalem, target: Antichrist / Tim LaHaye, Jerry B. Jenkins. -- Wheaton, Ill. : Tyndale House Publishers, ©1999. -- xvi, 416 p. ; 24 cm. -- ISBN
0842329277. -- (Left behind series.).  -- {Wenn Sie HIER klicken, können Sie dieses Buch bei bestellen}

Deutsche Übersetzung: Die Verschwörung. -- {Wenn Sie HIER klicken, können Sie dieses Buch bei bestellen}

"Is it right to kill Satan's hit man? Would it help God's work? This installment in the Left Behind series picks up with Rayford Steele--"believer" and international fugitive--as he struggles with a plan to assassinate Antichrist Nicolae Carpathia. Meanwhile, Carpathia has been busy rebuilding roads, airports, and a cellular/solar satellite phone system--all designed to help him become supreme ruler of the world--and even claim himself to be God. We also find ace reporter Buck Williams anonymously preaching to the masses of believers and converts through his cyberspace magazine The Truth. All the believers in the safe house, including Buck, Doc, Chloe, and Tsion, are suspicious of Hattie--former mistress of Carpathia--who claims to be a believer but may have already compromised their secret location when she tried to buy her way to Europe months before. Fans of the series won't be disappointed. Jenkins's signature writing is at full force. Readers can count on a suspenseful plot, imaginative futuristic thinking, and familiar characters, all of which appear in the opening pages and are sustained until the last cliffhanger scene when God unleashes another earth-shattering disaster." --  

Abb.: Einbandtitel

[7.] The indwelling : the beast takes possession / Tim LaHaye, Jerry B. Jenkins. -- Wheaton, Ill. : Tyndale House Publishers, ©2000. -- xiii, 389 p. ; 24 cm. -- ISBN
0842329293. -- (Left behind series.). -- {Wenn Sie HIER klicken, können Sie dieses Buch bei bestellen}

Deutsche Übersetzung: Die Rückkehr. -- {Wenn Sie HIER klicken, können Sie dieses Buch bei bestellen}

"The Antichrist is dead. Or is he? The city of Chicago lies in ruins. The safe house is blown, and the Global Community police are hot on the heels of the Tribulation Force. And who assassinated Nicolae Carpathia? It's a formidable challenge to keep an audience's attention midway through a projected 12-volume series, but with its trademark blend of humour and gripping suspense, authors Jerry Jenkins and Tim LaHaye continue to captivate readers in The Indwelling, the seventh instalment of the Left Behind series.Carpathia's funeral takes a hair-raising turn for the four million people who attend. Over the crowd looms the centrepiece of a new world religion, a 24-foot bronze statue of Carpathia, belching black smoke and demanding obedience. Woven through the fast-paced drama are the ongoing stories of people struggling amidst the mayhem. Chloe Williams wrestles with the moral implications of whether to kill her toddler Kenny to avoid having him fall into enemy hands; her father Rayford Steele is brought face-to-face with the consequences of his pride; Dr. Chaim Rosenzweig, a prominent Jewish Israeli statesman, ponders a conversion to Christianity. The strength of the series is in Jenkins' ability to keep the action moving and readers caring about the characters. And there's a hook: the end of The Indwelling promises "If the last three and a half years are your idea of tribulation, wait until you endure the Great Tribulation." The bad news is just beginning. But, the Tribulation Force believes, the good news is also on the way. -- Cindy Crosby" --

Abb.: Einbandtitel

[8.] The mark : the beast rules the world / Tim LaHaye, Jerry B. Jenkins. -- Wheaton, Ill. : Tyndale House Publishers, ©2000. -- xii, 381 p. ; 24 cm. -- ISBN 0842332286. -- (Left behind series.). -- {Wenn Sie HIER klicken, können Sie dieses Buch bei bestellen}

Deutsche Übersetzung: Das Zeichen. -- {Wenn Sie HIER klicken, können Sie dieses Buch bei bestellen}

"In Tim F LaHaye's The Mark, it's the dawn of the Great Tribulation, "the bloodiest season in the history of the world". After lying in state for three days, Nicolae Carpathia has risen from the dead. As the world responds in awe, statues of the potentate and "god" are erected in every major city, and a new religion, "Carpathianism", is in full swing. Followers of the Antichrist are branded with a loyalty mark on their right hands or their foreheads, and "vaccinated" with a biochip embedded with personal information. Those who refuse the mark take a one-way trip to the guillotine. The second coming of Christ is only three and one-half years away. But can the Tribulation Force hang on? "The God who calls you to the ultimate sacrifice will also give you the power to endure it. No one can receive the mark of the beast by accident. It is a once-for-all decision that will forever condemn you to eternity without God," writes Tsion Ben-Judah in his daily newsletter with its cyber-audience of more than a billion. Heavenly power may be the only hope for the Tribulation Force, as it struggles to survive amid new terrors, the death of more loved ones, and some unexpected twists in their plans. The Mark: The Beast Rules the World is the eighth instalment in the blockbuster Left Behind series. Rich in dialogue, this action-packed thriller delivers the same consistent mix of apocalyptic mayhem and quirky humour readers have come to expect from the pen of Jerry Jenkins and the prophetic interpretations of Tim Lahaye. -- Cindy Crosby"--

Abb.: Einbandtitel

[9.] Desecration : Antichrist takes the throne / Tim LaHaye, Jerry B. Jenkins. -- Wheaton, Ill. : Tyndale House, ©2001. -- xiii, 407 p. ; 24 cm. -- ISBN 084233226X. -- (Left behind series.). -- {Wenn Sie HIER klicken, können Sie dieses Buch bei bestellen}

Deutsche Übersetzung: Die Entweihung. -- {Wenn Sie HIER klicken, können Sie dieses Buch bei bestellen}

"Amid the glitzy fanfare of a new world regime, control is unravelling for self-proclaimed god and Global Community potentate Nicolae Carpathia in Desecration, the ninth instalment in the Left Behind series. It's 25 days into the Great Tribulation and the newly resurrected Carpathia evinces an increasing fondness for gruesome killing. He's thrown into turmoil when the first two "bowls of wrath" from the biblical book Revelation are poured out on the world. Water turns into blood and those who are branded with the mark of loyalty become covered with loathsome sores. When Carpathia commits the ultimate act of desecration against the Judeo-Christian community, chaos ensues. Meanwhile, the Tribulation Force soldiers on, receiving visitations from heavenly messengers that prod the team to greater acts of courage. Jenkins's characters seem almost comic book-like in their actions; the author relies on pages of slangy, slapstick dialogue rather than character development or descriptive settings to flesh out his tales. It's the angst of wondering what disaster will occur next and the fascination with end times that keep loyal fans turning the pages. And there's no shortage of angst here. Chang Wong flirts with suicide. Hattie Durham risks her life in a confrontation with Carpathia. Tsion Ben-Judah inadvertently gives away a secret location. Chloe Williams uncovers a remnant of believers. There are touches of the standard Left Behind humour, and even some romance in the last days. As always, readers are left hanging at the edge of disaster, which should keep appetites whetted for the promised next instalment. --Cindy Crosby" --

Abb.: Einbandtitel

[10.] The remnant : on the brink of Armageddon / Tim LaHaye, Jerry B. Jenkins. -- Wheaton, Ill. : Tyndale House Publishers, ©2002. -- xv, 405 p. ; 24 cm. -- ISBN 0842332278. -- (Left behind series.). -- {Wenn Sie HIER klicken, können Sie dieses Buch bei bestellen}

Deutsche Übersetzung: Die Felsenstadt. -- {Wenn Sie HIER klicken, können Sie dieses Buch bei bestellen}

"Nicolai Carpathia ist es gelungen, Christen und Juden in der Felsenstadt Petra in die Enge zu treiben. Mit dem Rücken zur Wand sehen sie sich den Streitkräften des Weltregenten gegenüber, der sie durch den Einsatz von Waffengewalt ein für allemal vernichten will. Unterdessen starten Chloe, Mac McCullum und Hannah Palemoon eine Rettungsaktion. Ein Mitglied der Tribulation Force soll aus der Gewalt seiner griechischen Entführer befreit werden, die bereits mehrere Anhänger Ben-Judas ermordet haben. Auf der ganzen Welt befinden sich die Gegner des Antichristen auf der Flucht. Armageddon, die entscheidende Schlacht zwischen Gut und Böse, rückt immer näher .. " --

"The success of Jerry B. Jenkins and Tim LaHaye's fast-paced apocalyptic Left Behind thrillers is built on a straightforward Christian message and a blend of dialogue and action; the 10th installment of the series, The Remnant: On the Brink of Armageddon, sticks to the same proven formula that has captivated legions of fans. It's one month into the Great Tribulation, and a million people gather in the ancient city of Petra to await the foretold "Glorious Appearing." The Global Community loses no time in bombing the city, which is completely engulfed in flames, guaranteeing certain doom for those assembled unless a miracle occurs. In other parts of the world, martyrdom continues for the remnant of believers as Global Community potentate Nicolae Carpathia's thirst for blood escalates. There are lots of slick escapes, plenty of intrigue, some genuinely gory moments, and enough gruesome plagues straight out of the biblical Book of Revelation to keep readers turning the pages. When the Chicago believers are forced to scatter and discord breaks out among those gathered at Petra, changes accelerate for the Tribulation Force and other series characters, leaving an ample number of loose ends to be picked up in the next episode. --Cindy Crosby". --

Abb.: Einbandtitel

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Deutsche Übersetzung: Harmagedon. -- {Wenn Sie HIER klicken, können Sie dieses Buch bei bestellen}

"In book #11 of the Left Behind series, the scattered Tribulation Force is drawn inexorably toward the Middle East, as are all the armies of the world, when all of human history culminates in the battle of the ages. During the last year of the Great Tribulation, safe houses are no longer safe and the cast of characters dramatically changes. By the time of the war of the great day of God the Almighty the globe has become a Powder keg of danger. Who will be left standing when the battle leaves the Tribulation Force on the brink of the end of time and the Glorious Appearing?" --

Abb.: Einbandtitel

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Deutsche Übersetzung: Der Triumph. -- {Wenn Sie HIER klicken, können Sie dieses Buch bei bestellen}

"Thousands of years of human history stained by strife, death and sin come to an end when the King of Glory returns to earth. The satisfying conclusion of the seven years of tribulation covered by the Left Behind series will portray the return of Jesus Christ to earth in both glory and judgment. At the height of the battle between the forces of evil armies gathered at Armageddon and the remaining Christian believers at Petra and Jerusalem, nothing seems to be able to stop the antichrist Nicolae Carpathia. But God has another plan." --

Abb.: Einbandtitel

[13.] The rising : Antichrist is born before they were left behind / Tim LaHaye, Jerry B. Jenkins. -- Wheaton, Ill. : Tyndale House Publishers, ©2005. -- xiv, 380 p. ; 24 cm. -- ISBN 0842360565. -- (Left behind series.). -- {Wenn Sie HIER klicken, können Sie dieses Buch bei bestellen}

"What was life was like before the Rapture for Rayford, Irene, Chloe Steele, Bruce Barnes, Buck Williams, or Tsion Ben Judah? Why did Viv Ivins play such a pivotal role in Nicolae Carpathia's life? What were the events surrounding Nicolae's sudden rise to power? How did he become filled with evil? Find all these answers and more in The Rising." -- -- Zugriff am 2005-03-22 

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